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Egyptian cotton is known for its high quality. Often Egyptian cotton is compared to silk in terms of softness. These sheets tend to have higher thread counts and if you examine the sheets closely you will see that the threads created are long, strong and durable. This strength comes with incredible softness and long lasting quality.

When shopping for Egyptian cotton sheets you need to keep thread count in mind. The higher the thread count the higher the quality of the sheets. If you choose a set of high quality and high thread count sheets you will have some of the softest sheets available. Many people find that changing to Egyptian cotton sheets completely changes their sleeping experience and makes going to bed a delightful and comfortable experience.

Another comparative difference between traditional cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets is the weave. Egyptian cotton sheets tend to have a smaller weave which will make the sheets feel smoother and last longer.

Remember that Egyptian cotton sheets, although higher quality, do come at a much higher price than traditional sheets. You should know that these sheets are a good investment and the extra money that you spend will pay off in the long run. Don’t make the mistake of choosing low quality Egyptian cotton sheets. If you are going to spend the extra money on these high quality sheets make sure that you get a great set so that they will last a long time and really pay off as an investment. While you will have to spend a little more upfront you will find that they will surely pay off in the long run if you do invest upfront.

Brand does make a difference so pay attention to brands as you make your decision. Since sheets often come in packages it can be hard to feel the quality, but you should take the time to feel sheets before you buy. Try to compare side by side if at all possible, or read high thread count sheet ratings. As you compare sheets you should look at how the lower priced sheets stack up when compared with the higher priced ones. This will help you determine if it is worth spending more for the most expensive sheets. You can tell a lot about sheets by how they feel when you touch them.

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