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Remember those Gold Bond medicated powder ads? Or how Craig Ferguson makes fun of their products on late night television? The question is – are they the same people that make the luxury bedding as the folks at the Gold Bond company in Hartford Connecticut? No – apparently not – these appear to be two different companies. And the folks at the luxury bedding mattress company make quite a difference.

This is not just about the mattresses either – they also make futon frames and futon mattresses. They make over two dozen styles of mattresses in six collections. You will want to consider their Natural Latex, Anniversary, Premier, Natural Support, Comfort Collection and Diamond mattress collections. Never mind the “newness” of some of these collections – all are high-quality luxury bedding products made with old-fashioned attention to craftsmanship of the same.

Take for example their Natural Latex line – as suggested, all of these mattresses are made from one hundred percent natural latex. But that may not be what you want under your body when you go to sleep. Whatever happened to all of those Tempurpedic commercials that you used to see on TV? Have no fear, those folks are still around.

They offer three mattress collections in twelve styles. Their three main collections are the Tempur, Tempur-HD and the Tempur-Cloud. The Tempur mattress collection lets you sleep with no pressure placed on those places where you feel the pain that keeps you up. We take it the Tempur-HD is the next step up with a higher-density foam composition mattress for greater comfort and more support. The Tempur-Cloud apparently offers the perfect combination for maximum comfort – the advantages of the Tempur foam with the softness of a pillow top.

Is there a mattress with more to offer than a high-density foam mattress with pillow-top softness? Well, somebody seems to claim that they have that covered – the people at Simmons Beautyrest. They offer four luxury mattress collections – Firm, Plush, Pillow Soft and (of course) Plush Pillow Top. The last collection offers three variations of maximum luxury bedding comfort – the Alisanne, the Lianna and the Sonya. These good people claim that these are possibly the softest and most enveloping bedding available on the market today.

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